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Towel rail TENSI

Who does not know it, you come out of the shower or bathtub and have no towel handy. Our towel rails TENSI can be mounted in close proximity, above the bathtub or next to the shower. The minimalistic style suits every bathroom. Thanks to our special mounting system, no screw connections are visible on the ceiling, making TENSI the highlight of your bathroom.

Product details

Material: steel pipe

Dimension: Height (H): 60cm-80cm, Width (W): 50cm

*Special size:Maximum Width: 120cm Height: 120cm. Attention, for shipping reasons, a measurement may not exceed 80cm. That means, if for example a height of 120cm is chosen, the Width must not be longer than 80cm.

Weight: 2,5 Kg

Color: black (powder coated)