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Metallbude History

We are a young company formed by two brothers, their brother-in-law and a good mate. 
Every time family and friends met, the topic of self-employment was not far away. Fulfilment was not to be found in the job. The working atmosphere lacked breathing space and the possibility to contribute something individual. Their heads were full of ideas about designing their own products, which wanted to sprout, but couldn't find any good ground in their previous working lives. At some point the topic flared up again and this time we were all highly motivated to tackle it. The right time had come. Four men with a dream in their pockets set out to find an empty warehouse that would have enough capacity for their creativity and willingness to influence. The contract was signed. Euphoria spread. The first product approaches in contemporary design were discussed. Over coffee and wine, plans were drawn up and the foundations for founding our own company were laid. We had found a name under which our handmade designer pieces were to be sold: Metallbude. Not a day went by without this word in our mouths.
Dennis, who provided the spark for the foundation, created concepts for metal furniture and ensured cooperation with suppliers whose wood or small items added more pep to the shop. With Rudi as an online specialist, we had the right man at our side to bring the first products to the customer. Tobi took care of the finances and the growth of the staff as soon as the stones started rolling. Christian, as production manager, organised the manufacturing and ensured problem solving and continuous improvement of the products.
As a matter of principle, we have chosen to form a team that builds Metallbude together. We firmly believe that as a unit we are capable of more than one alone. Many lovely people now complement our team. Hardworking hands work in production and shipping. We are like one big family. Music and food at work is enjoyed in community. The flexible working hours allow us to balance family and work. We employ some mothers on parental leave, who are thus able to work outside the home. We are still overwhelmed by how quickly our company has grown and are grateful that we are allowed to live our dream.