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Most frequently asked questions

First of all, a hole should be pre-drilled in the wall or ceiling. A suitable drill should be used for concrete, wood or plasterboard. The universal plugs supplied are suitable for concrete. If you have a wooden or plasterboard ceiling, you can use suitable dowels from a DIY store. The dowels are inserted into the hole. Then the supplied fixing bolts should be screwed on with the large screws. Pay attention to the position of the small holes in the bolts. They should point in one direction. Then place the rod on the bolts and screw the small, black grub screws into the small ones with pressure. Because of the long lever, slight swaying is physically given.

To order the product in a special colour, you can select "Special size" for the respective product. Then you can enter the desired colour in the shopping cart in a note field. (At the moment we only offer white additionally).

Our clothes rails can hold a weight of approx. 30 kg.

The self tapping screws have to cut their own thread. Did you use a suitable bit (with small/fine cross bit) ?

Finally, try to screw it in with a little more pressure or perhaps screw it in first without the hook. (There is an additional screw in the delivery with which the thread can be pre-screwed).

We currently have a delivery time of 15 working days (Saturday & Sunday excluded). When ordering special sizes, it can also be 20 working days.

To the assembly you will find in the highlights on ourInstagrampage you will find a video.

If the 14-day warranty has not yet expired, you can return the product undamaged in its original packaging free of charge. To get the return label, please visit our Returns Center here.

In order to mount RUBI to a Rigib ceiling, special Rigib dowels must be used, which are not included in the scope of delivery.

We ship apart from Germany to: Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Austria and Poland.

The NEVA shoe rack/bench can hold approx. 170 kg.

KORSINA is completely welded together and therefore requires no screw fittings. It is therefore delivered ready and can be set up immediately. This makes it very stable and prevents it from falling apart. As with any other cradle, it is recommended to place a baby in it only up to the age of about 6 months. Since a child could turn over or sit down from that point on.

60% of our Instagram followers needed less than half an hour for the assembly.