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Which wine would our winemakers choose?
After work in a cosy circle at home, or with friends?
That was the challenge we set them and they set about the task with enthusiasm. Who would pass up such a challenge? The answer is a creation made from ripe fruit. A delicacy called "The Guv'nor". A "governor" among our wines, a wine with ambition and much pleasure. Pull the cork and revel in its intense berry aromas, taste the roasted flavours, it is the purest treat.

Product details

Country of origin: Spain

Grape: Tempranillo and Syrah

Style: Still wine

Alcohol content: 14%

Drinking temperature: Between 15 - 18° C

Flavour note:
Enjoy the dark berry flavours and delight in this clean and fresh wine. Aged in an oak barrel with light toasted aromas.

Matching dishes:
Always a pleasure to drink. Alone or with lamb or cheese, especially blue cheese.